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    What will be remembered from the Raptors' 2019 title? Is the Warriors' run over? How will the Lakers build around LeBron and Anthony Davis? Will the Nuggets and Celtics regret not trading their young stars for AD? Surprise players in the 2019 NBA Draft.

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Four-Point Play

1. The Zion Williamson Plan 2. The question marks of the Draft 3. How the Lakers plan on building around LeBron and AD 4. Mike Conley jazz up Utah

Quick Chat: Cam Reddish and Jayson Tatum

Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum and soon-to-be NBA player Cam Reddish share a Duke connection, but also have similar thoughts on the NBA Draft, fears of tripping on the stage and who gets the first post-draft hug.

Podcast: Hot Takes & Shot Fakes

Combing through the Anthony Davis trade to the Lakers; wrapping up the Finals; free agency chatter.

Four-Point Play

1. The Kawhi Effect 2. The value of this year’s free agent class 3. What will the Warriors do with their injured Ks 4. The big contribution from the smallest Raptor

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