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    Where would being the NBA's all-time scorer rank in LeBron's career? Could the Warriors trade Draymond Green because of the rift with Kevin Durant? Can Markelle Fultz ever become worthy of being a No. 1 pick? Are the Jazz struggles real? Which player has made good on your unwavering loyalty toward them?

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Podcast: Hot Takes & Shot Fakes

Will the Draymond Green-Kevin Durant rift break the Warriors? How Markelle Fultz’s shooting and the addition of Jimmy Butler will impact the 76ers. Can LeBron surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring record and will it even matter?

Four-Point Play

Is the solution to the Warriors short- and long-term problems trading Draymond Green? How Mike Budenholzer has turned the Bucks around. Detroit’s lack of wings is keeping the Drummond-Griffin duo grounded. The Blazers are moving forward by staying pat.

Head2Head: Victor Oladipo vs. Kemba Walker

Which do-it-all-for-their-team point guard wins out?

Four-Point Play

Predicting the 2019 All-Star Draft. The 76ers bench woes. DeMar DeRozan’s high usage has been an unexpected surprise. The Cavaliers’ roster is contradicting itself.

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Zach LaVine might have videogame hops, but he’s more a man of Destiny.

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