• HOOP Top 50: 30-21

    Part 3 of our Top 50 players of all time, Nos. 30 to 21.

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Podcast: Hot Takes & Shot Fakes

Looking ahead at Kawhi Leonard’s San Antonio legacy and debating 20 through 11 of the HOOP Top 50.

Stick to the Script: Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson had a late start to the game of basketball, but caught on quickly.

Flick & Role: Steel

Shaq was a rising star on the court in 1997, but Steel saw his star fizzle in Hollywood.

Stick to the Script: Phil Handy

Phil Handy might not have made a name for himself in the League, but he has found a calling helping others achieve that same goal.

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First Look: NBA 2K19 Take the Crown

First look at the gameplay trailer for NBA 2K19

Summer Gear Guide

Our recommendations for the perfect summer.

Making His Own Mark

Marcus Jordan is carrying on the shoe legacy that his father established.

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