Podcast: Hot Takes & Shot Fakes

We’re joined by special guest Ti Windisch of the Gyro Step podcast pinch-hits for Jabari Davis.

This week’s show rundown:

  • Kyrie Irving’s recent critical statements on the state of the Nets
  • How will Kevin Durant’s return to the team affect the Nets’ culture
  • The swap of culture vs. superstar talent
  • Bradley Beal unhappiness in Washington
  • Is Beal and John Wall a viable combination?
  • Building championship culture through free agency/trades
  • Memphis Grizzles recent hot streak
  • All-Star comparisons
  • James Harden workload and the Rockets dependence on him
  • Players most enjoyable to watch
  • Jeff Teague/Trevor Ariza trade
  • Markelle Fultz resurgence
  • Zion Williamson (and rookies in general) overhype

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