Podcast: Hot Takes & Shot Fakes

Every week Josh Eberley sits opposite a guest on the mic to talk basketball every week in our podcast, Hot Takes & Shot Fakes.

This week we have guest Jeff Lowe of Barstool Sports’ Lights Camera Barstool movie podcast to comb through the aftermath of NBA free agency. Topics include:

  • What will the team surrounding LeBron look like in Los Angeles?
  • More disappointing: LeBron leaving Cleveland or Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom?
  • Was the Cleveland championship in 2016 unappreciated?
  • Was LeBron going to the Lakers a basketball or business move?
  • How does DeMarcus Cousins impact the Warriors and the rest of the League.
  • Comparing NBA teams/seasons to movies.
  • Running down the rest of the Western Conference.
  • What is left of the Eastern Conference?
  • Should playoff teams be realigned?

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