Podcast: Hot Takes & Shot Fakes

This week’s topics:

  • Breaking down the blockbuster Anthony Davis trade
  • Who will be the third banana on the Lakers?
  • Does this trade make the Lakers the favorite to win it all in 2019-20?
  • Did the Boston Celtics make a mistake in not offering Jayson Tatum as part of an AD deal?
  • How do the Pelicans rebuild around the hail for Davis?
  • What does the championship mean for Canada?
  • How great of a Finals series was it?
  • Was Klay Thompson the best player in the Finals?
  • Are the Golden State Warriors’ run over?
  • Kyle Lowry redemption and is he a Hall of Famer?
  • Does Kawhi Leonard stay or leave Toronto?
  • Will teams still offer up a max deal for a recovering Kevin Durant?
  • Will Klay Thompson return to the Warriors?
  • Where does Kyrie Irving go?
  • Jimmy Butler destinations
  • Khris Middleton going to Dallas?
  • Will Tobias Harris stay in Philly?
  • Is Kemba Walker joining LeBron/AD in LA?
  • Which teams will make offers to D’Angelo Russell?
  • How many suitors will there be for Nikola Vucevic?
  • Will the Milwaukee Bucks retain Malcolm Brogdon?
  • Does DeMarcus Cousins play for a championship or a big contract?
  • Which teams might trade for Mike Conley?


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