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Know Your Newb: Jaren Jackson Jr.

Jaren Jackson Jr. has made his share of rookie mistakes—like digital pirating as a teen—but he’s learned from them.

Podcast: Hot Takes & Shot Fakes

The Lakers and LeBron struggles are very real; Trae Young development; best young cores; why is Denver being overlooked?

Four-Point Play

1. The Possible 60-win Champs 2. Free Agent Klass of 2019 3. Clifford’s Magical Act 4. The NBA “All-Americans”

Head2Head: Blake Griffin vs. Kevin Love

The winner in the showdown between two veteran power forwards belongs to…

Stick to the Script: Reggie Bullock

Reggie Bullock has worked his way to wearing the jersey of his boyhood dream while playing with one of the best players and longtime friends.

Podcast: Hot Takes & Shot Fakes

It’s time to fear the deer, all the cracks on the Lakers, the one-and-done rule and more.

Podcast: Hot Takes & Shot Fakes

The post-All-Star break conversation as we head into the stretch run of the season.

Four-Point Play

1. How is DeMarcus Cousins fitting in with the Warriors? 2. The All-Snub All-Stars 3. How good would the New Orleans Lakers be? 4. What if the Sixers never started processing?

Head2Head: Luka Doncic vs. Jayson Tatum

The battle between two of the fastest rising stars in the League.

Stick to the Script: Jamal Crawford

The League has changed a great deal since he entered it, but Jamal Crawford has remained the same.