Flash Bangers, Feb. 5

By Brian A. Giuffra #17

A White House visit, a missed dunk and some funky suit. This is everything you need to see from around the NBA last night today.


Dubs Visit White House

All I have to stay is, he wishes.

But in all seriousness, the POTUS must follow the game still because he called the Warriors “the greatest team in NBA history.” They’re not quite there yet. But they’re getting closer. And moments like this confirm it.


AD Misses Gimmie

Listen, people miss open dunks all the time. It’s part of the nature of basketball. No one is perfect. But you don’t expect to see Anthony Davis miss one like that. Honestly don’t think I ever have before this moment. But like we said. Shake it off AD. It happens to the best of us. Case in point.


Ryan Anderson Bangs on Kobe

This is not something you’d expect, but it happened. Reputed shooter Anderson found himself unguarded with an open late and went for it. Kobe sliding over to help, was not much of a challenge.


Suit Game Strong

I’m no fashionista and I know Mardi Gras is right around the corner, but there’s something not right with this suit. It’s a Laker game, and the more outlandish the outfit the better. I get that. But no one should dress like The Mask unless totally needed. And this doesn’t seem to fit that bill.


Motown Spinning

There are few better feelings in the world than getting you defender in the, side stepping them, then draining the open shot. Langston Galloway knows all about that and then some. He had Reggie Jackson halfway to the moon when he made this beauty. Just proves you never leave your feet, defenders. Or do and pay the price.

But Andrew Drummond had Jackson’s back. He caught Kristaps Porzingis with a tornado of his own.

Stan Van Gundy reactions are the best. I legit cant get enough of this. The most impressive part is how calm the Pistons bench is. Not one person looks Stan’s way when he blows up. They knew it was coming and they’re programed to avoid it.



Kobe To The Rack

Watching Kobe blow by defenders never gets old, no matter how many times he does an inside spin move.


Highlight Trey

Anthony Davis Above The World


Lakers Oop Attack


No Look, No Problem