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Head2Head: Nikola Vucevic vs. Hassan Whiteside

The winner in the battle for Florida’s top pivot man belongs to…

Four-Point Play

Masai Ujiri deserves the credit for Toronto’s success; Sacramento is looking royal; Donovan Mitchell’s premature star turn; Orlando’s winning quartet.

Know Your Newb: Trae Young

Everyone compares him to Steph Curry, but growing up, Trae Young patterned his game after Allen Iverson.

Head2Head: Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James

Has KD supplanted the King for the throne this season?


Giving a verdict to the Association’s latest trends and developments.

Podcast: Hot Takes & Shot Fakes

How Paul George is an MVP candidate; Will Trevor Ariza turn the Wizards around? The tale of the tape between Jokic and Westbrook; Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Four-Point Play

The Celtics’ struggles can be tied to their lack of aggression at the rim; Miami is ready to heat up now that they’re healthy; The Nuggets are trying to reach that golden state; Small market Memphis keeps doing big things.

Know Your Newb: Wendell Carter Jr.

Wendell Carter has gained most of his education in the classroom and is now doing most of his learning on NBA courts.


Giving a verdict to some of the Association’s trends and developments.

Podcast: Hot Takes & Shot Fakes

If you’re looking for a new NBA team to pledge your allegiance to, we’ll help you decide.