Hero Baller: Stephen Curry

“I just do what I can to help my team win, do little things here and there, rebound, playmake, whatever the case may be.”—Stephen Curry 

Call it a Perfect 10th.

Call him a Perfect 10.

All we know now is, after winning West Finals Game 2 over San Antonio, 136-100, the 67-win Golden State Warriors are playing basketball to perfection, going 10-0 thus far in the playoffs, and blowing out 61-win teams like the Spurs—albeit, sans Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker—by five touchdowns and a two-point conversion.

That is pretty perfect.

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

“Across the board, we tried not to give the Spurs any clean looks. That’s something we can control with our effort, with our intensity and try to sustain for 48 minutes.”—Curry

To top it off, back-to-back NBA MVP Stephen Curry is playing the best postseason ball of his most valuable life, finishing Tuesday’s performance with 29 points and a +24 in 31 minutes.

For now, Curry is the Perfect 10 and Game 2 was his team’s Perfect 10th.

It is hard to argue with either claim at this stage in the postseason.

From the get-go, Golden State spanked San Antonio, ultimately assisting on 78 percent of its buckets (39 assists, 50 field goals made) in this team-inspired blowout, as six other Warriors scored double-figures too, anywhere from 10-to-16 points.

From the perspective of the struggling Spurs, Golden State’s point guard was pretty perfect himself, as Curry shot a .902 true shooting percentage, in making all 7 of his free throws, while also going 6-for-9 on 3s and 2-for-4 on 2s.

Indeed, Curry got the Warriors off on the right foot (sorry, Kawhi) in the first quarter by peppering the Spurs with 2-of-3 three-point shooting along the left perimeter arc, while shooting likewise—2-of-3 on 3s—along the right perimeter arc, ultimately giving the Warriors 15 first-quarter points as Golden State took a 33-16 lead it would not relinquish.

Curry would make all 7 of his free throws this game, but more importantly, he also collected 7 rebounds and 7 assists.

Again, alk about a perfect 777.

Jackpot! I digress.

As we noted earlier, Curry is playing PER-fect basketball, posting the best postseason Player Efficiency Rating (28.88) of his 29-year-old life, while also logging more cumulative plus-minus (+1196 in 89 games) than anybody this century, as far back as Basketball Reference’s plus-minus data base goes, other than Draymond Green, who set the record last season in 15 more games (+1210 in 104 games).

Green’s NBA record is soon to fall to Curry, most likely before this West Finals ends.

See what we mean by perfection?

Curry may have played like the regular season MVP in both 2014-15 and 2015-16.

But in these 2017 NBA Playoffs, Curry is playing like the clear-cut postseason MVP, peaking at the appropriate time.

Stephen Curry 31 +24 29 (.902) 2-4 6-9 7-7 7 7/2 3 & 0


Key: MIN minutes; +/- plus-minus; PTS points; TSP true shooting percentage; 2FG 2-point field goals and attempts; 3FG 3-point field goals and attempts; FT free throws and attempts; REB rebounds; AST/TO assists/turnovers; STL & BLK steals and blocks.