Eyes Wide Shut

Matt Liston is a movie producer and Chicago sports fanatic that’s hell-bent on making the dreams of his fellow fans come true. “Mr. Impossible’s” next mission is to get Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler to remake an iconic Chicago basketball moment and bring awareness to The Chicago Lighthouse.

Back in 1991, just as the Bulls were setting off on their Championship run, Michael Jordan was busy dealing out lessons to the rest of the NBA. When Denver Nuggets rookie Dikembe Mutumbo challenged Jordan in the closing seconds of a Bulls victory,“His Airness” responded with some smack talk before calmly sinking his second free throw—with his eyes closed.

Now Liston has teamed up with Uninterrupted.com and longtime Bulls fan Peter, who lost his sight since watching Jordan’s legendary career, and they are looking at Butler to replicate that shot.

Peter is one of the many volunteers that visit The Chicago Lighthouse, which sits just minutes from the United Center, and helps the visually impaired adapt to life without the use of their sight. While he can no longer see, Peter still listens to every Bulls game.

The task may seem impossible, but Liston’s luck has turned around in recent years. The diehard Cubs fan’s documentary “Chasing October” was created to help change the Chicago Cubs luck and push them towards an unprecedented World Series victory. Unfortunately, the movie was filmed back in 2003, a year that haunted Chicago baseball fans for more than a decade.

In an attempt to regain favor with the baseball gods, Liston set off on a more selfless mission. He lobbied Major League Baseball teams to give Adam Greenberg a second shot at his dream. The former Cubs prospect was struck in the head and injured in his only major league at bat in 2005. That was until 2012, when the Miami Marlins signed Greenberg and gave him a second at-bat as a pinch hitter following Liston’s “One At Bat” campaign.

Now that the Cubs have broken the streak and claimed a World Series trophy, Liston is looking to extend his personal winning streak. And after showing Butler his video, things are looking good for “Mr. Impossible.”

“So I guess I’ve got to shoot a free throw with my eyes closed,” said Butler.

We’ll be watching, though.